Design, Illustration & Animaton.

14+ years working on campaigns, websites, web-apps, mobile apps and games for clients ranging from Adidas, Google, Chanel + more.

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Committing the future



DevArt was a Stinkdigital project for Google in partnership with the Barbican which aimed to foster and celebrate creative technology forming art. Developers worked to create art with code, the process documented throughout via their gitHub accounts. My concepts focused on making art of their process, visualising the code itself and it grows.

Using 'slices of time' - visualisations of coding languages, intensity and time - you could explore and track the development of any project, seeing the spikes and drops in activity.

Visualising experiments, updates are broken up into general commits (squares) and full releases (lines). The log would constantly be updating showing the living nature of the DevArt project.

Exploring adding dimension into the interfaces, showing the code as being physically behind the imagery.

Another concept explored for DevArt was that of the 'codelines'. An ever updating log of all the code commits made by the developers.