Design, Illustration & Animaton.

14+ years working on campaigns, websites, web-apps, mobile apps and games for clients ranging from Adidas, Google, Chanel + more.

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Dr.Compliance has kidnapped your friends



Created by Stinkdigital in collaboration with artist Dave Prosser and StudioAKA, Ray-Ban: Made was a HTML5 game created to work across desktop and mobile. Customise your avatar and connect via Facebook to rescue your significant other from photocopier spaceships and sentient filing cabinets. I designed the interface, illustrated the title, animated cut scenes and designed the levels

Made was a game built to work seamlessly across devices.

With Facebook Connect you become the hero in your story. Run, jump, slide and bash to rescue your friends and loved one.

Cutscenes throughout narrating your story as you battled to rescue your friends from Dr.Compliance.

Power ups in each level could help you get through a tricky area but you could miss rescuing one of your friends if you were not careful.

Levels were built with the map editor Tiled. As a physics based game, some trial and error was needed to see what worked within the level design.

We created a visual framework for the illustrator to follow when creating game assets. This also allowed a better exploration of how the game would work.