Design, Illustration & Animaton.

14+ years working on campaigns, websites, web-apps, mobile apps and games for clients ranging from Adidas, Google, Chanel + more.

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Share a Coke this summer

Coca Cola

Share a Coke

We asked the question, Who are you sharing a Coke with this summer? Matching the keywords of your answer, we generate a unique animation from a toolkit of over 800 illustrations by Serge Seidlitz and Ceyln Brazier. Created at Stinkdigital, I designed the interface for the app and created over a hundred animations using a mixture of techniques, bringing life into our multitude of colourful characters.

Enter your summer plans and see them come to life as your unique pop-up animated diorama, ready to share with friends.

Every illustration needed to be broken into parts and tidied before it could be animated.

A colourful cast of crazy characters.