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14+ years working on campaigns, websites, web-apps, mobile apps and games for clients ranging from Adidas, Google, Chanel + more.

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An Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home


The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

An amazing story book from outer space to a child’s home, discover your name in the stars and see your own house from space! The second customiseable childrens book from Google backed start-up, Wonderbly. I worked on the launch campaign, promo and post launch site alongside animation and concepting work.

Test out the books glow in the dark cover with the flick of a switch.

Astronaut Tim Peake reads The Incredible Journey whilst on the International Space Station!

Beta tester onboarding was an evolving, animated scene where the pig (and later the sheep) would wander its environment until you entered your details, after which it would be abducted into space, thus tieing into the books story.

I explored several interactive possibilities with the books story, such as compositing the crashed ship onto a live Google streetview and the use of augmented reality where the characters in the book would come to life, animated on the page as the child reads.