Design, Illustration & Animaton.

14+ years working on campaigns, websites, web-apps, mobile apps and games for clients ranging from Adidas, Google, Chanel + more.

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Unite All Originals

Unite All Originals invited users to team up with hip-hop legends Run DMC to live remix their music video. Using Google's Web Speech API, users call out any item in the video; 'Car, Girl, Shelltoe's, to trigger effects and animations in real time. Created at Stinkdigital, I designed and animated the interface, as well as creating numerous triggerable effects and looping patterns.

Hundreds of effects could be triggered by calling out things seen in the video. Activated effects are shown on the timeline.

Activated effects would build up a combo meter which, when full, would trigger further animations. Activated effects unlocked downloadable gifs and content in the timeline.

If the Web Speech API was unavailable, users could trigger animations via keyboard. The shuffle button would also prompt words in both speech and typing mode.